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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#373

    Simply a quiet weekend.
    Earlier this evening I quietly played with some of my toy cars and trucks.
    Playing for a while made me feel happy.
    This morning I attended worship at my Congregational Meetinghouse.
    Yes, as an "Adult Baby" I am a practicing "Follower of Jesus".
    An apology, but I reserve the term Christian for persons who claim to follow Jesus, but who are filled with bigotry and hate for LGBT persons and followers of other religions.
  2. Ready Steady find the store

    So recently I have been trying to find storage facilities and ask them a few questions on how much it would cost to store the items. This is for in case I buy some nappies and I want to store them somewhere without taking them home. I went to Safe store in Leeds central past the shuffle dog bar. I asked them a few questions and they said they was closing down so I would have to go for the other once but they told me annissal charge is 2,000 pounds (By that time I was thinking your not ...
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#372

    In terms of my Incontinence, I have had a multiple poopy diaper day.
    Otherwise my day has been quiet and uneventful.
    I did spend some time at my workbench in the Cellar tinkering this afternoon.
    I started building a long planned digital electronic circuit project.
    It will take a while to solder together a "retro" TTL 4-bit Asynchronous ALU.
    An ALU is the "core" of a mini/microcomputer.

  4. Progress it seems.

    I kept this pretty quiet but about 3 weeks ago I applied for a job at the local bottle return-it depot. I applied and got interviewed. I actually ended up getting the job. I've worked 2 shifts so far this week. I was only supposed to work Monday and Friday this week but I got called in to work today. Now I'm working full time the rest of the week.
  5. Troubles of getting a dentist

    I have had a cavity in one of my back teeth for awhile, and it hasn't really bothered me until last week. I started to get a toothache on Wednesday the 2nd, then told my dad about it two days later. He gave me some pain killers so I could sleep at night and said he would find me a dentist for a low price.

    We went to Aspen Dental, I get my teeth x-rayed, and the dentist says that my tooth can be saved, but you have to do it soon because it has an infection that's spreading to the ...
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