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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#445

    Just writing this weblog entry via my cell phone.
    My brother and I have heaved out a massive amount of junk we no longer need and have no room for in our new place in Derry, NH where we are moving back to after living here in Salem, NH for 52 years.
    The rest of the junk, which is now all in the garage, and outside next to the driveway will get hauled-away by the one man moving company recommended by my brother's realtor he bought the house trailer from, and who sold our house for a ...
  2. A Ramble: Health, Spirituality, Gender…

    I put myself in my usual 7-o'clock mode immediately after the time turned over, ignoring the pile of laundry that requires folding. Right now, its purpose is to add to the delicious smell in the apartment. I'm enjoying the fresh scent in the apartment to a ridiculous degree. Last week the ambient smell was litter box (not clean) and rat cage (not clean).

    The least expected problem was a burny rash, unknown in origin but cured with a single night of sleeping with Desitin on it. I don't ...
  3. Diaper night tonight

    I've been snoring again, it looks like (hopefully) I'm banished to the spare room again, so tonight will be a diaper night. When the same happened last week, I managed to make it to 6am, waking up dry, but weakened and used the toilet. I hope I have more willpower this time, but also that I manage to relax enough to wet. Previous times I've been too tense, and my body simply wouldn't let me wet, even when awake.
  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#444

    I apologize for being quiet for a couple of weeks.
    I have been busy with preparing to move to the new place my younger brother purchased.
    Yes, a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house trailer in Derry, NH.
    We brothers have heaved out and thrown away a massive quantity of "junk" we do not need, and do not have room for in a smaller house trailer of only 800 square feet of floor space.
    Yes, I have been taking time for necessary "Adult Baby time Regression", to cope ...
  5. That was… a task.

    Seven days in that house, with a woman who didn't want to try to take care of herself. In a house with animal smells that robbed me of appetite so thoroughly that only near syncope episodes brought on by low blood sugar reminded me to eat. Pushy requests and a disastrous trip to the mall where I had to explain how bank holds work on debit cards when the card is run on credit.

    Actively ignoring my designated lights out time. Several times I tried to go to sleep and suddenly she was ...
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