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  1. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#390

    1/2 past Midnight...
    As usual, in Night Owl Mode.
    I am slowly getting ready for bed.
    Yes, I am in nothing but a t-shirt and my diaper.
    On my computer I am watching a BBC documentary about the Battle of Waterloo hosted by British Actor, "Sean Bean" who portrayed the fictional Napoleonic Era British Soldier, "Richard Sharpe".
    Yes, real history, not pseudo-history.
    "Ancient Aliens" is bovine manure.
    Yes, I will have some "regression"
  2. My self acceptance

    [QUOTE=LittleTwinkle;1499970]Hello everyone,

    I am a 43 year old full time transgender woman. I transitioned in 2010. I think of myself as a little girl and a diaper lover. I spent some time a few years back with a daddy type dominant man. I was diapered when we spent time together. He only allowed me to use the potty after my morning enema but I did not have potty privledges for the rest of the day. During my time with him I only experienced wetting my diapers. Though he and I shared ...
  3. Disappointing snow day

    So currently I'm without diapers, due to some private matters and my bedwetting is starting to make me frustrated! When I don't have pull-ups and what not I use this medicine called desmopressin and last night I used it, did my regular routine and I still had an accident! Worst part is that I woke up at five from the cold! I had wet though my protection sheet, which is even more frustrating like the protection sheets' only job is to keep my mattress from getting wet and it can't even do that! So ...
  4. Sick Week

    I spent all of last week sick in bed. So sick that I lost weight ó enough weight that my coworkers commented appreciatively.

    Me, I'm not a fan. I'm still feeling sick and tired, having a hard time with food. I have two meals that don't irritate my stomach. The other option is slim fast shakes.

    It's not the best option but it's cheaper than Soylent.

    I can't even pad up right now because stupid anatomy decided it was time to surf the Red Tide. Four more ...
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  5. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#389

    Last week on Friday I attended the 1st day of the Arisia 2018 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fan Convention down in Boston, MA.
    It was fun.
    I liked seeing all the different Cosplayers.
    Next year, I will Cosplay at Arisia 2019.
    Anyway, today I had a doctor's appointment.
    Another UTI.
    Peed into a sample cup.
    I will find out soon what Antibiotic I need to have prescribed to pound it down.
    UTI's are common in us persons with Cerebral Palsy who are incontinent and in diapers
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