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  1. Pants Wetting Parties in the 1970s or 1980s?

    Today i remembered something that a professor mentioned to me and some other students a few years ago. He said someone in the
    1970s or 80s started a fad of having parties where people stand around and talk and pee their pants, and it was somehow supposed to
    help them achieve some kind of personal enlightenment or something. I can't find any evidence of this online. I have so many
    questions! Would the guests be wearing diapers? Would they be standing over an easy to clean ...
  2. curiosity and support

    hi there,

    I so love this site as I've only been on ADISC for a week and I'm learning so much in the ABDL tendency's. Support on this site is way out there for those that think their fetishes are weird but the truth is they're NOT. Like the saying goes "define normal".

    I am interested to know if there is any type of places or small gatherings at someone's place where a few of us can sit around, have drinks and nibbles and relax in ABDL style..
  3. A Little Sophisticated.

    Some of my “little treats” are kind of… sophisticated.

    I can trace this all the way back to my mom (rest her soul), when we would have girls’ days in. There would be bubble baths, tea, getting our nails done, and perfume. I loved the perfume. I always felt so lovely when she let me wear perfume.

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    I’ve begun growing my perfume collection as I’ve been indulging my little side. It’s all so perfectly lovely, and on big days it’s a way ...
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  4. Standing Alive

    It's a great feeling when you can accept a partner with ABDL tendency's but it's even better when you can play a part in their ABDL tendancies. My question is to anyone that wishes to answer but does that make me a amateur ABDL???

  5. Creeper.

    Greaaat. My next door neighbor is an old creeper.

    Let me tell you about this guy.

    It started when my mail went missing. I'd ordered a simple black diaper from Ecoable, and it had not arrived. In fact it was so late I'd taken action with the vendor. Turns out it had come to that guy, and though he had not opened the package he's spent the time... Fondling it.

    He knocked on my door once day and gave me my package. He flirted constantly, even though I ...
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