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  1. My Update

    I havent been on here in a while but here an update on everything.Everythings good,currently looking for a house with my family beacuse we are moving.Just a couple of days ago my baby got a promotion at work he was really happy and I was really happy for him because he is a really hardworking person and he deserved it.Right now Me and my Fiance are in a really good place in our relationship and we are both really happy.We have little space about 3 times a week and im not gonna lie I think I might ...
  2. Package arrived!!

    Eeeee!! I am soooo excited, yesterday while I was at work my package of diaper fabric arrived and I stayed up wayyy too late looking and touching it. I almost have everything I need to start sewing my own diapers!! everything is in different colors and prints it's soo pretty!

    Boy was it heavy I now have:
    6 yards of PUL
    5 yards of minky
    3 yards of super heavy bamboo fleece (this where most of the weight came from)
    Yards and yards of elastic
    And ...
  3. Oh happy day! We're going to Disneyland!

    Now, it's as a normal family, not as an AB and caretaker, but I'm still super excited!

    I *will* get to wear Disney character shirts, my Steven Universe hamburger backpack, mouse ears, and
    you can bet I'm bringing my most trainer-like unders! I wonder what's the most littleness I can decorate my magic band?

    It's gonna be great!!

    If you don't see me around for next week (starting tomorrow) that's why!
  4. um, this came to mind I don't know

    Under the blanket of anhedonia.
    False warmth, blurry dysphoria.
    No saline left with which to clean their hands.
    Ever righteous mine sons of man.
    Fallen slowly one by one.
    Never thinking, slowly sinking.
    Drowning, silent, lungs are filling.
    Embraced by blinding light, a worsening feeling.
    Preference to see none, clarity forced upon all..
    Tattered, faded, this old shawl.

    Closing contact with a chapter.
    Looking back,

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  5. Cars suck so some songs that don't

    Well drove my brother to physical therapy today, then went for jimmy johns afterwards... his sandwich leaked on my seat. Spent some time today trying to get the stain out. Think I finally did, then went out to get a pizza and beer, at some point the check engine light whch I finally thought had gone away came back. was less then happy.

    So here are some songs I listen to when I need a pick me up.

    My kind of woman- America

    I can make it better- Austin ...
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