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  1. My Story (How I discovered my little side)

    Today I want to talk about how I became an ABDL. I want to recount the story of how I discovered my rare attraction for diapers and being babied.

    At roughly two and a half years of age, I was a bright and intelligent youngster. I loved life, used my diapers, and had no conception of any other kind of way to live. One day, my parents offered me toys in exchange for me using the toilet, and I happily agreed. I stopped using diapers cold turkey, and they gave me very fun toys as a reward. ...
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  2. Surprise~ I'm A Baby (Very Light TMI)

    So a few nights ago (Saturday night), I came home from an eventful day with my desire to wear very strong. I went to bed padded, which usually provokes me to take care of a thing shortly followed by falling asleep. Instead of that, I felt a nagging need to huggle my Popplio plush, rest my mind, and settle into a peaceful sleep, and it was a very happy sleep I had.

    I woke up that Sunday morning still feeling little, but I had some errands to do. I filled up a bottle and brought my ...
  3. Nappies in the pool.

    On my last villa holiday in Spain (Two weeks ago) I sent the rest of the family out on a day trip and stayed at our rented villa.

    I took the chance to have a nappy session (and no I can't go two weeks on holiday without wearing)

    I donned my terry nappy and plastic pants lounged around the pool and villa and before changing took a dip in the pool fully nappied.

    It was a fantastic experience I'd never had before, the pressure of the water compressed the ...
  4. Blog For The Sake Of Blogging

    Maybe I should start doing it some more. Not for the sake of anyone else reading it, just for my own therapeutic purposes. I personally like to read other people's diaper-related stories, so it isn't hard to imagine anyone else is interested in them. I haven't really updated much about my AB life here in a long time, so I probably have a lot of experiences and stories that I'll have to go over a little at a time.

    I suppose I could start with today; I was home alone for about four ...
  5. Why I started wearing diapers and being a little.

    The only person I have ever told this to is my wife. Now my parents and family know I wear, but I never told any of them why. For me, I really think it is because of my childhood. My father was very abusive, I still have the scars on my back to prove it. However I highly doubt it was abuse alone that did it for me, because none of my brothers ended up like me. Granted they were too young to remember our father, thank God for that. During that time though I remember going to my uncle's for a couple ...
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