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  1. A Monopoly on my Time

    Dragged into the gig again, I spent another chunk of time doing caretaker for no pay. I got home today only because I have to be here to take delivery of a food box. And luckily for me, she couldn't drag on with me (not for lack of trying though). I have three diapers and four inserts drying on a rack in the bathroom. That would have been hard to explain.

    I'm most glad to be home again. I am not an extrovert, and she demands my time at the least convenient times—

    Like ...
    Tags: diary
  2. Hotels are out of the question unfortunatly

    So chatting with my support workers about going to a hotel alone to express myself. Yes, I know what you are going to say. Talking to support workers about ABDL stuff is not good. But it is just me that knows about the ABDL fandom. Mum is not interested and mums partner is not too but he has more tolerance for it. And have you seen how some of the furries react to this? So I really only have my support workers to talk about this. The psychiatrists and therapists are more up themselves on mindfulness ...
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#450

    Had bad dream last night.
    I was with Doctor Who in the TARDIS, and the villian morphed into Donald Trump.
    Trump's army was made up of Daleks and Trump supporters turned into Robomen.
    Woke up crying.
    Needed Howard Hug Bear to fight Trump and his Dalek army.
    Anyway, downsizing, and packing stuff away to move to our new place next week on Wednesday is continuing.
    Yes, it is crunch time.
  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Being an "Adult Baby"...#449

    A busy Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend.
    1.5 weeks until moving day.
    I emptied junk out of 2 bedroom closets.
    Yes, it will be hauled to the Refuse Transfer Station here in Salem, NH on Tuesday.
    Also Tuesday next week, a truckload of stuff we brothers no longer need will be donated to my church for this September's Old Home Day Community Celebration Flea Market.
    After June 6th moving day, I will re-instate my toddler nursery Adult Baby Space in my new bedroom in ...
  5. Rambled Off

    I was off for a few days, called on to do caretaking again, and return to discover that a friend has left the site, reasons unknown. I suppose I should not be surprised, things have been heated and he has other things to worry about.

    Things here are also dicey. Tethered here by a friend who threatens self-harm every time I try to get on my way home, I sit in a chair keeping an eye on her slumber. The television shows a live feed of the destructive beauty of the Hawaiian volcano. Fitting, ...
    Tags: diary, ramble
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