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  1. My Parents, Caretaker Search Disaster and Permanent Real-Life Regression Looming

    Hello All,

    I have not been on here for ages due to extreme schedules and demands put on me, however I have come on briefly, (now on my "break" from school) to face a new monster that I have only recently identified; my parents. I know I haven't talked about them much; however I feel that before I regress permanently, which may happen soon, I should share with you some disturbing information about my relationship with my parents.

    My parents and I used to be ...
  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#566

    10:00 PM on Wednesday Evening.
    Today was "replenish my incontinence supplies" day.
    It was also perform a large grocery shopping day too.
    I also mailed out 3 more of my Christmas Greetings at the Post Office here in Derry, NH.
    One of my younger brother's friends came over to meet me this afternoon too.
    He took a look at my guitar, which has a broken B-String Tuning Peg mechanism.
    My brother will take my guitar over to the musical instrument store in the ...
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