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  1. Exhausted.

    I spent the weekend sleeping.

    I don't know why I was exhausted, but I just sorta slept through the entire weekend. It was like my body couldn't get it together, and so, like a computer, it went into extended defrag mode, and would not behave until it was done—which took until I munched a CBD gummy bear and reset my body clock forcibly.

    Nothing got done.

    Today was a little better. I set up my pen pouch for journaling with the tarot deck I'm currently ...
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  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#418

    I feel more like a 3 to 5 year-old now that I have really lost my capacity to drive a car.
    As I have said, small boys do not drive anything more sophisticated than a Fisher-Price "POWER WHEELS" ride-on/ride-in battery-powered car or truck.
    My double-vision is "really bad".
    I am utterly unsafe behind the wheel to drive.
    Yes, this afternoon my 55 year-old younger brother took me out to the bank, and then food shopping at the Walmart here in Salem, NH. ...
  3. diaper poem

    A fart is a gaseus substance it comes from a place called bum
    it penetrates through the diaper and comes out in a musical hum.

    A fart is a fart its no disgrace it puts the body at ease
    it warms the bed on windy nights and drives away the fleas.

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  4. Peeing my diaper never felt so nice

    I was walking to the 24 hour Asda store to get milk for a cup of Tea slipping and slidding on frozen snow,freezing cold when my bladder under pressure from the cold made me stop and i beggan to pee the sudden warmth spreading in my Nappy felt so good all the hair on my body stood up,soggy and warm
  5. Im not gay but my boy friend is......

    Did you hear about the girl who got her vibrator stuck?
    Shes on the Clit tickle list.

    Whats your best joke?

    Make us laugh untill we wet ourselfs Nappies and Diapers at the ready..........

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