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  1. Autis, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#479

    I do not feel grown up anymore a lot of times now, because I can no longer drive a car.
    It is like I am a child, dependent upon Mommy or Daddy to drive him around to different activities.
    I feel dependent and vulnerable and quite child-like.
    Today my younger brother took me to the Walmart to purchase some groceries.
    I did purchase a 2 piece set of baby rattles for $2.50, and 2 MATCHBOX cars.
    After returning home, my brotherr left to go to a doctor's appointment in Lebanon, ...
  2. Comfymax Premium Adult Diapers Review

    Comfort Max Regular Adult Diaper Large is a one stop solution for all the elderly, aged individuals who find it hard to relieve themselves or have no control over urination or such find solace in such diaper pads. Two significant factors of these diapers are ADL(Acquisition Distribution Layer) and Waist Elastication.

    These diaper come in different sizes in order to cater to different peopleís needs. as itís title suggest highly comfortable to use and can be worn for long hours and ...
  3. Small Wins

    Today, while I was away doing laundry, an envelope was slid under my door. It came from the exterminator, and stated that there were no signs of bedbug activity in my apartment.

    This means I can come back to work. Work means an easier time paying bills, getting groceries, buying nice things like new diapers (I want one with foxes on it!), and generally being able to survive.

    I've been fighting these bugs for months. It took this long to fix the problem, with no help ...
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  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#478

    Today I walked to the Derry, NH CTV Station where I volunteer to perform post-production work on my latest TV show.
    4 miles round-trip.
    Not easy hobbling behind my quad rollator walker.
    On my way home I stopped at the Rite Aid Pharmacy to refill one of my medicines.
    I also needed to purchase more incontinence supplies.
    I also purchased a new "Baby Bottle".
    With my limited space for Adult Baby Things, I will only have this one baby bottle.
    It has ...
  5. Hewwows! (sorry little side coming out)

    [QUOTE=FandieFolf;1535417]Hi! I'm using my fursona name cuz I'm a babyfur. Anyway, Im new to adisc and everyone seems awesome here! Im gonna be using little talk unless im serious, so stay little!! [/QUOTE]
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