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  1. Rambled Off

    I was off for a few days, called on to do caretaking again, and return to discover that a friend has left the site, reasons unknown. I suppose I should not be surprised, things have been heated and he has other things to worry about.

    Things here are also dicey. Tethered here by a friend who threatens self-harm every time I try to get on my way home, I sit in a chair keeping an eye on her slumber. The television shows a live feed of the destructive beauty of the Hawaiian volcano. Fitting, ...
    Tags: diary, ramble
  2. My New Favorite Diaper

    I wasn't planning on posting this, but just had to let you all know: I have found what I believe to be the thickest, and most absorbent diaper at the lowest price. It may not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me, and I hope that someone can benefit from this. I recently ordered a pack of NorthShore Supreme diapers and I must say: These are the best diapers I have ever used!

    This morning after breakfast, I put one on, and spent the morning snuggling with plushies, and ...
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#448

    Today, more cleaning performed here at home.
    (Soon to be our ex-home.)
    Just 2 more weeks before we brothers move back to Derry here in New Hampshire.
    I need 2 more plastic storage bins for the dishes in the kitchen.
    One cabinet is the good heirloom China Mom and Dad purchased in Lancaster County Pennsylvania decades ago.
    The other still full cabinet in the kitchen is the everyday china.
    I do have to purchase a roll of bubble wrap to pack the heirloom China ...
  4. Infinite Patience

    The one I had the job for had a crisis, and so the other day, I was ▄bered over to her place and basically the guard on suicide watch. It was basically two nights of asking "Should I call the ambulance now?" every time she said "I know where the knives are" to the empty air where her soon to be ex used to sit.

    I did not sleep well. The house reeks of ingrained litter box and rat cage stink. And I later had to haul a presoak load of laundry that had turned the water ...
    Tags: diary, ramble
  5. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#447

    Yes, today while out running errands, I did have a massive wet messy poop accident in my diaper.
    My brother took me home.
    I had the massive bowel accident in the Walmart as I was going through the checkout line.
    I am "Professor P. Pippy Poopy pants".
    Pardon my referring to one of the enemies of the little kids superhero, "Captain Underpants".
    Anyway, what a mess to clean up.
    Anyway, I continued with emptying out kitchen cabinets and deciding ...
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