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  1. Waiting For My New Stash to Come in the Mail! - Doing Some Prepwork While I'm Waiting....

    Hi all!
    It has been a while since my last post so I am here to update you about my current events. The last week of classes in the summer semester is shaping up to be one of the best of this year. I have a B+ final grade in my Biology Class that is already done. I also have an A in my Literature class that will be done at the end of class Wednesday. My assignments should be done on time; as I have said in a previous blog post that the last Exam was a two part take home version of the original. ...

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  2. I dunno where else to share...

    My little time with my Wife/Mommy continues to evolve... and I guess I wanna share stuff, not sure where else to talk about it... I didn't get much feedback on my last blog, but not sure where else to post...

    Let's see a few updates...

    Mommy stayed at vay-cay with my mother in law for a bit longer than I ... I think I already told the story about the diapers in the guest room closet?

    Anyhoo I got pretty used to sleeping padded and with a paci. That's ...
  3. Cthulhu's last day in London, day 7 (Thursday)

    So, the last day of my diaper adventure in London.
    The Bambino Bellissimo that i wore to bed was, to my suprise, not very full at all. I guess the width in the crotch makes it super absorbent. I was gong to go to the Hampton court palace today, but the weather wasn't nice at all in the morning and midday (Partly rain). So i stayed in my room until about 12AM. I had a BM and then changed into an M4 before going to have breakfast.

    I had some diaper supplies that i wasn't going ...
  4. The day before my birthday

    Yay! It's my (pretend) birthday tomorrow, and now my mummy is going to wrap my gifts. Last year she did this while I was locked in my playpen in another room, but as I'm a big boy this year and out of diapers I'm going to be in the room while she does it. Come on, she tells me, playtime over, let's put that play-doh away, it's prezzy wrapping time. Sit in that chair, the one with arms and long legs; I am lifted in and my feet are not touching the ground. As if from nowhere, mummy has the nasty ...
  5. Cthulhu in London, day 6 (Wednesday)

    Today was the day that i ran out of thing to do in London. Things that i had planned at least. There were a couple mildly interesting things that i could go and see just to have something to do, so i thought i would do that. I changed into a Tena and plastic pants after the morning shower.
    After yesterdays incident in the breakfast room, i didn't feel like eating there. So i went to a store nearby and bought a sandwich instead, and ate in my room. I had a BM in the store (don't worry, there ... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.