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  1. Cardigans for a Little Girl

    [QUOTE=Rosemary;1454557]I used to think of myself as kind of sissy, but I think I'm really more of a Little Girl. I love pretty cardigans. I was wondering if anybody might have resources for Little Girl style cardigans but in an adult size.[/QUOTE]
  2. Weekend

    Well, here it is Saturday morning. I think my American friends have a long weekend this here week. I imagine all sorts of folks are making plans for beach and BBQs and things like that. I guess the weekend is fun if you have people in your life to share things with. For me, weekends, and especially long weekends, are no different than any other time of the year really. It would be so nice to look forward to the weekend. Look forward to spending quality time with someone. *sigh*
  3. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#359

    Yes, I am still around.
    I still regress to babyhood every single night before bedtime.
    It is the only way I can feel safe and loved.
    My "Adult Baby Space" is still only my bedroom around my side-safety rails equipped bed.
    I feel happy when I regress and hug my teddy bear, Howard Hug and my baby dolly friend, Pam.
    Of course, I have a small live-animal friend, "Ernestina" guinea pig.
    I take good care of her.
    Yes, today I cleaned-out her
  4. Ooops

    I'm on the bus and have to pee so bad. I think the folks in chat that say I need diapers are right. I fear I'm going to have an accident in my pants.
  5. Chatroom

    I had such a good time in the chat room last night. So many nice people. Fenrir, Doshy, LilByte, KenMeister I am sure I am leaving someone out, but those names come to mind. Unfortunately, I can't find my way back to the room. I sent friend requests to people, but I still don't have them in my friends list. I must be too stupid for this website.
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