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  1. Thoughts

    Feeling better. Things don't go well, but my mood is improving.
    I might actually have figured out the cause for my ABDL desires.
    It looks pretty simple. Like not seeing the forest for the trees. (I hope I translated that idiom correctly)
    I have a deeply rooted need to appear vulnerable, to express myself, show that I'm breakable.
    In a social setting, I am unable to do that. Meeting me face to face, I always frantically try to show no emotions at all, because they would ...
  2. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#441

    Being a Night Owl is so normal for me.
    Anyway, it is half past Midnight on a Friday.
    Since getting up yesterday at almost Noontime, I have assisted my younger brother with cleaning up the cellar.
    We have gotten rid of a lot of no longer needed "junk".
    I have cleared off one workbench, the one he and I helped our late Dad build from plans from Season 1 of PBS's "The New Yankee Workshop".
    I do have to clear off and throw out the junk on the workbench ...
  3. The Truth about Dealing with Adult Diapers

    The new generation think twice before applying anything . Whether it’s a cosmetic, apparels, or nappies. A slight doubt in their mind makes the product slip from their list.

    One such popular product that stands on adults priority list is the DIAPERS. And, there are oodles of obvious reasons, which led to these doubts related to absorbent nappies.

    So, if you’re also one of these adults, do consider the following truths about dealing with diapers.

    Older ...
  4. Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#440

    My day has been a long one.
    Anyway, it is after Midnight and it is now Thursday.
    I spent most of my day down in Boston, MA.
    I needed to meet with a client of the non-profit organization I volunteer with which assists adults with Asperger's Syndrome with employment.
    I then attended an important disability civil rights organization meeting.
    I got down there via bus, from where I live here in Salem, NH.
    My younger brother dropped me off at the bus depot and picked ...
  5. Nope, no idea.

    I decided to tell my doctor about my bladder issues—the frequency, the urges, the weird CONSTRICTED sensation, the accidents. And—

    We've found nothing. Absolutely nothing.

    We agree that there's a situation, but we can't find the cause. Our best guess is a medical interaction made the existing problem worse.

    So I'm supposed to just keep up what I'm doing and report back if anything else goes fucky.

    I'm due back in June.
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