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  1. The diary of a madman.

    So, I'm curious if this happens to everyone: That feeling you get when you lock eyes with someone and I don't know what you'd call it, a spark, a connection happens. It always happens on accident. It doesn't happen frequently, but probably once a month or so, I'll just randomly catch someone's eyes looking at me and look right back. I just feel something between us. Is it imaginary? Am I just such a hideous creature that they are captivated by my grotesqueness? I don't know. Am I doing the right ...
  2. Inexplicable, childish urges.

    They come in waves, usually when I'm in the state I am in now, utter exhaustion. I fight it but it hits me along with the wave of dizziness and a hit of strange stomach sickness:

    The overwhelming desire to drop everything and wet myself.

    I don't know where it comes from but the intensity of this urge pushes everything out of my head--indeed, out of my body. If I am particularly exhausted, I might catch myself dozing off and coming this close to a wetting.
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