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  1. I am...

    I am your best ally.
    With me, you can overcome any challenge.

    You can't touch me.
    You can feel me.

    You can hold me in your hand.
    If you have that much courage.

    I am not food, but some live on me.
    I am not drink, but some people take me too far.
    I am not air, but I can be just as fleeting.

    I am the first thing you reach for.
    I am the last thing you let go.
    I am the only thing some people have.
  2. I told my family I run ADISC

    I've told all my immediate family about ADISC, and even showed one of them the site.
    Here's part of one of those conversations:


    Me: You know I run websites, right?

    Dad: Yes, I've known you've been involved in charity work for awhile


    Well, what you may not know is that a site I run, 'ADISC', is designed for people who want (or need) to wear diapers.

    I started it while I was ...
  3. A day in the life of Moo


    • 10.20: get up
    • 10:20-10:30: shower, get dressed, comb hair, leave for job
    • 10:30-11: travel to job, getting breakfast and eating it while walking
    • 11: arrive at job
    • 11am-7pm: work on various projects at job - most of them tech in nature, such as log analysis, SEO, and database stuff
    • 7-8pm: travel home, shower, change out of job clothes, grab a snack
    • 8-11pm: work on ADISC stuff, answering PMs, dealing with request threads, sorting out various things, fix a bug or two,
  4. Ever have one of those days?

    Ever have one of those days where you actually accomplish a lot, but you don't feel like you've accomplished anything?

    For example:
    I've done nothing but change clothes, shower, and work on ADISC since getting home from work. That was two hours ago.
    During that time, I've solved a ton of minor issues, like:

    • Proofread, edited, and sent the monthly newsletter.
    • Dealt with about 100 (automated) emails, such as bounces (each of which must be processed).
    • Investigated
  5. Tips For Job Applicants

    This is the first blog entry in what will hopefully become a series, where I share some of the things I've learned in life, in the hopes of helping ADISCers.

    Today's topic is: how give yourself a leg up, when applying for a job.

    One of my responsibilities in my professional life is sorting incoming job applicants into three piles: "yes", "maybe", and "no".
    Most of the time, I am considering candidates who are roughly college-age.
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