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  1. Tips for leaks?
  2. Funny Story
  3. Creativity Spark - How to make your own plastic pants?
  4. To reverse a common question.
  5. the exact opposite
  6. i hate underwear
  7. I had an accident yesterday.
  8. A question
  9. I think I might have gotten too used to diapers
  10. oddness (wetting associated with particular PJs)
  11. omg (accident at the door)
  12. Incontinence-causing surgery?
  13. Concern....
  14. Accident at a party! ( :o...references, not under 18)
  15. New Idea
  16. Is this normal?
  17. Is this incontinence?
  18. What The Hell!
  19. Mattress protection
  20. People abusing laxatives for bowel incontinence or irregularity
  21. bed wetting?
  22. Incon in popular Culture...
  23. Any bed wetters out there?
  24. "leakage"
  25. embarrassing night
  26. need help!!!
  27. Ideas?
  28. A few questions about trying 24/7 wearing while at home.
  29. Should I wear 24/7?
  30. Should I tell my parents that I'm going to wear 24/7 since I still live at home or just do it?
  31. Ive Noticed a change in my friend|Is it true/ has he become incon/he wears diapers and he doesnt even care/potentialm B/DL??
  32. I wasnt trying to stalk him|You misconcepted my thread/ i am not making a video of him/ How should i ask him???
  33. A collection of information concerning incontinence.
  34. Toilet Broken on I.S.S.
  35. Cheaper to be in diapers than not? O.o
  36. While Racing
  37. Bowel/Fecal Incontinence
  38. Who can be incon and still enjoy diapers?
  39. Cleanup/Hygene issues
  40. A rumour?
  41. Pronunciation of incontinence
  42. Insurance/etc. for incontinence
  43. Diaper Camouflage...
  44. dealing with heat
  45. Incontinence Resources/Support Groups
  46. Incontinence 100 Years Ago!! Yikes!!
  47. Tranquility ATN's
  48. An incontinence survey
  49. So, I'm back and I've decided to go on with this.
  50. Has anyone tried these?
  51. Where to start?
  52. Bedwetting has stopped!
  53. Anyone know of any muscle relaxants that affect the bladder?
  54. Quick Question!
  55. Would this make you fecally incontinent.
  56. A Question for IC folk...
  57. Leaks and I dont mean from a diaper
  58. What causes you to be incontinent?
  59. Jail Incontinence
  60. College Bedwetters
  61. Cleaning mattress.
  62. Confess Incontinence?
  63. A warning to all diaper-new people pondering fake bedwetting to get diapers:
  64. Kovalchuk's Incontinence Information Thread
  65. Plastic Sheet Ripped - Ideas till another one gets here?
  66. Blog Question: "The Comfort Phenomenon"
  67. Enjoying Diapers While Incon Survey
  68. IC or BW Blog?
  69. Update
  70. my bedwetting is almost completely stopped
  71. Accidents & Leaks
  72. In-diapers-only incontinence
  73. Family bus trip
  74. What is incontinence like?
  75. Milk and betwetting
  76. Opposite of bedwetting: being unable to sleep if there is anything in your bladder?
  77. bedwetting diaper issues
  78. The result of wearing diapers? (clinical, but graphic)
  79. By any standard of good parenting...
  80. What are you looking for in a Cloth Diaper/Nappy?
  81. I've started to BW.
  82. thinking about going 24\7
  83. is bedwetting all that bad..
  84. what it's like to be bladder incontinent
  85. Question..
  86. Fake Bedwetting
  87. Visiting other's houses.
  88. My Urologist Visit
  89. Sheaths/ External catheters
  90. Tena Men's Underwear
  91. Depend Men's Underwear
  92. How did you feel?
  93. How did it happen?
  94. It must be so hard to be incontinent
  95. Insurance coverage for diapers
  96. Irritable bowel syndrome
  97. Society's expectations of boys
  98. Marketing to Boomers
  99. Urges, panicks, and exams
  100. I did it...
  101. Inevitable Incontinence?
  102. Problems peeing
  103. Top 10 reasons why it's okay to be a bedwetter
  104. Possible IBS?
  105. VERY gross but genuine question re. poop and female body
  106. In diapers 24/7
  107. A general appoligy and incontinence.
  108. Tummy Aches After Urination (has seen md now)
  109. Does anyone know..
  110. Affect of diapers on career choice?
  111. To those with kids
  112. A little accident...
  113. Embarrassing diaper moment
  114. Diapers and UTI's...
  115. Share Your Embarrassing Stories
  116. Incontinence in the Workplace
  117. Frequent Urination
  118. diapers on the beach
  119. Can wearing diaper lower your sperm count?
  120. Bladder Issues
  121. leakage protection
  122. Dribbling after urinating
  123. Question On Incontinent Shaving
  124. Rectal leakage
  125. Is that true?
  126. Insurance and Diapers
  127. Leaking...and what to do for it ?
  128. Crohn's Disease/IBD
  129. Who else here is incontinent?
  130. Support from family?
  131. Incontinence Research Paper
  132. Facilities...*Please Read*
  133. Penis Clamps
  134. Huge Tena Pads vs. Tena Diapers
  135. Freaking out! Getting Scoped!
  136. I think im Losing Control..
  137. diapers and varicoceles
  138. Bedwetting and Sleep APena
  139. What would you do?
  140. Not sure WHAT to think about this.
  141. A question about expenses
  142. back leakage
  143. New to this ( Kind of)
  144. Who do you let know
  145. Total failure of protection...
  146. Celiac? Crohns? IBS?
  147. Making your own plastic pants
  148. First time Bedwetting since I was kid
  149. Work and frequent peeing?
  150. protective underwear
  151. Anxiety?
  152. Incontinent + Highschool
  153. my protection totally failed me today.
  154. Hiding bedwetting?
  155. Frustrating Dr appt
  156. doctor dilemma
  157. Thought you might find this interesting...
  158. Changes to your lifestyle
  159. diagnosis (Kind of)
  160. Nu-Fit Adult Diapers (ANY REVIEWS)
  161. 23yrs old and Losing continence Help
  162. Do you sleep better when you wet your bed?
  163. incontinence - WHY???!!!!
  164. Can wearing diapers actually make you incontent?
  165. This is probly going to tick a lot of ppl off..
  166. FOR INCONS: how much actual control...
  167. FOR INCONS: benefits?
  168. Tena Super Stretch
  169. What is the attitude of your urologist?
  170. Do you use a gym?
  171. diaper=daytime, pullups=night anyone else?
  172. Bladder Stents
  173. incontinent only in diapers?
  174. Colitis / Crohns / IBD / Celiac / Other
  175. New here and question?
  176. New Doc - Big question - Anyone have an idea what she's talking about?
  177. Scared
  178. Medical Professionals
  179. Questionnaire: prescription medication
  180. Is this a form of incontinence?
  181. Road trip
  182. The joys of incontinence/overactive bladder at work
  183. How exactly do incontinent people wet?
  184. My Story
  185. how i got incontinent
  186. Womanly Leaks
  187. Protection for dribbly boys...
  188. What would this count as
  189. How do you guys buy clothes?
  190. Did I become incontinent tonight?
  191. Question about Urologists Appt
  192. Do you use public restrooms
  193. For those that work in an office...
  194. Can you go incontinent by holding?
  195. Urge Incontinence and Diapers
  196. I think I may have IBS
  197. Am I becoming incontinent?
  198. Diapers help
  199. For those with some control...
  200. Can't accept being incontinent
  201. Would becoming Incontinent ruin your life?
  202. a few days of involuntary fecal incontentence.
  203. The Possibility of IBS
  204. Why it sucks to be incontinent
  205. What's Going On Here?
  206. Diapers at airports
  207. Straining to Understand a Defining Question.
  208. By the time I'm 30, I will involuntarily be incontinent...
  209. Keep having accidents
  210. What should I do?
  211. Going to the doctor and I'm nervous. Looking for stories of people who have gone.
  212. Varicoceles and diapers.
  213. Sleep Study
  214. how to poop in while your asleep?
  215. Regaining Continence
  216. expressing fustration and coping
  217. Affordable night time protection
  218. Incontinence and electric blankets
  219. A possible cure to the problem of overnight flooding of a diaper.
  220. Mechanical Aids for stopping Bedwetting
  221. What is the best gel type diaper available in the U.K. ?
  222. Possible Urinary Imcontinence
  223. Disposing of diapers while in college?/ Waking up to pee ever two hours.
  224. LSGMI wins fight- thank god
  225. NON-Incontinent - how do you...
  226. College roommates
  227. Is it Incontinence
  228. Incontinent For Life
  229. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  230. Vesicare
  231. Any luck with treatments? Any recommendations?
  232. Puberty and Incontinence?
  233. botox for the bladder?
  234. High School and Incontinence
  235. UTI and incontinence is a blend of disaster...
  236. 9 out of 12
  237. Urologist Appointment - Advice Needed
  238. bedwetting a sign of night incont?
  239. need help?
  240. becomeing INCONTINENT 24/7
  241. Dreams about urinating/peeing and wetting the bed.
  242. Incontinence and Frustration
  243. Just a rant on incontinence
  244. stress incontinence?
  245. What is the extent of incontinence?
  246. Using a foley catheter - can it cause incontinence?
  247. Fantasy better than reality
  248. I thought it would be nice to have three cautionary tales about Incontinence and how it isn't nice to have it so I made this thread
  249. Confusing incon question - brain activity over nerve damage?
  250. Question for those who wear 24/7