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Thread: Adult Baby Bouncers on EBay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post

    They do look odd...not what I was expecting...

    And, as far as cost...

    Even people with copious amounts of cash still don't overpay...this is why they still have mullah...

    This is true and I agree with you 100%...............BUT..............A. How often do you run across an adult sized Bouncer (I still think it's a Walker)? B. It's kind of hard to overpay for something that isn't as common or hardly exists at all. While it doesn't look like a "Cosco" or "Fisher Price" model, unless someone decides to make an adult replica, the ones currently on EBay would be to drool for.

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    Is anyone else really curious about that museum exhibition? I also wanna know what the things on springs are, I can't quite tell from the photos.

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    I was expecting to see a baby chair with an overhead bunge cord or spring to hang from a tree or very high door jam if used inside.
    The feet would protrude from the bottom of the chair not quite touching the floor/ground - but a bit of movement would cause the
    feet to be able touch the surface and pushing down with the feet then launching the chair into an up and down movement therefore
    "Bouncing" Up and Down. As such these type of chairs would be very difficult to get into and out without assistance of some sort
    to stabilize the free movement. Ah to be restrained and locked into this device until Mommy says you have had enough fun !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pramrider View Post
    Wonder if any of the bidders are ABs?

    ALL of the bidders are probably AB's.


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    I'd love to know what the exhibit was for....Don't think I'd want one to keep but I'd love to try it once.

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    For those wondering the exhibit was part of "anti-establishment", find some photos at the link below.

    'Anti-Establishment' at the Hessel Museum of Art at CCS Bard - a set on Flickr

    If you want more info just google it and you can find a lot about it.

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    Great find on the better photos...


    I thought it would be more like a bouncer or jumper like this...

    Therapeutic Exercise Assist System for Movement Disorders, Cerebral Palsy

    But they look interesting...


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    If this is of any help to those of you thinking of making your own... I made one, it is rough, but functional.

    spec-4 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    spec-8 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    spec-5 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    spec-6 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    spec-7 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I am not sure how to best describe the construction, without some drawings, but I don't
    know how to create those, not being a graphics person. So I'm hoping you can figure it out from the

    I bought a actual baby jumper at our Walmart in order to study it's construction. What I needed to figure
    out, was how to attach the straps to the frame to hold it up.

    The main frame is just a loop of 3/4" PEX pipe, you can get at a hardware store, e.g. Home Depot.
    It is held together with a female/female coupling that I drilled a small hole in each end,
    and put a small diameter bolt in thru the coupling and pipe and out the other side to a nut.
    This holds the frame in the circle form.

    The main fabric for strength is what is called duck canvas. It is strong enough for my 220 pounds,
    for example, but quite workable for the sewing machine. I choose pink.

    I made the form/template/pattern for it by taking an old pair of plastic pants and cutting them apart at the sides.
    Then cutting off the elastic, so the material lays flat. I then cut the duck fabric to this shape
    and added an inch or so at the top. This will then wrap over the frame to be sewn together right
    below the frame. So it forms a loop that the pex pipe can be slid thru to put it together. Then I attached
    velcro to the sides so the front piece can attach to the back, once the whole piece is slid onto the frame.

    Because the straps also need to go around the frame, I then cut slits in the loop of fabric that slides onto
    the frame, where the straps go.

    The straps themselves were off-the-shelf hold down straps (ratchet tie-downs), again, from a place such as Home Depot.
    They came with a loop already sewn in one end, so all I had to do was slide those around the frame (within the slit of the fabric).

    The other end of the straps had a hook, how convenient! I then bought some porch swing springs, again at Home Depot, these are strong enough.
    I then hung the springs off very big eye bolts screwed into the ceiling joist.

    To add some comfort, I bought some pipe insulation, a foam rubber like material, which I put around the frame once it
    was covered with the main chair fabric and the strap. I covered it with a baby-like fabric for looks. I had to hand sew it together
    at the bottom, but that actually went rather quickly.

    To get into it, I pulled it onto my body, then stepping up on a chair, I hooked up the straps to the eyebolts in the ceiling. Then I stepped
    off the chair to hang and bounce. Can just push the chair out of the way with your feet.


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    I want one!!

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    You got the basics down real good.
    Now finding the bunge/elastic cords strong enough to support your weight and cause the up and down cycling movement.
    I am thinking along the line of what the actual baby bouncing unit is with the baby in the swing - feet off the floor - and the up/down movement just touching the floor at the bottom most limit.
    Probably need a small step stool to get into the panty rig while it is hung from the door jam or tree limb etc. Then move the stool out of the way and begin a gentle swaying till you can bounce
    up and down with the feet.
    The interesting part is getting out of the swing - suggest you keep that stool close by or have someone help you out - Somehow I have a feeling that if constructed to what I fantasize this will be
    a baby prison of sorts. An interesting form of self bondage - - - For long term amusement the wearing of double diapers might be in order if you are having fun and don't want to stop.

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