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Thread: Your Wishlist

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    -AB clothing: dresses, overalls, frilly socks, cartoon t-shirts (Captain America, dinosaurs, ducks, etc.), snap crotch onesies, footed pjs
    -Cloth training pants
    -AB disposable diapers
    -Childish sheets
    -BUBBLE BATH stuff
    -Sippy cups!!!
    -Play mat

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    1. Onesie
    2. Footies
    3. New pacifier
    4. Bottle
    5. Socks
    6. some dresses/skirts
    7. Diapers

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    Might as well add my

    Babyish print diapers
    Cloth training pants
    Animal-style footed pajamas with hood and tail
    Maybe a bottle

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    I've always wanted a proper set of colourful onesies. Stripes, patterns, solid colours... a whole variety! But they are never sized right, made of a good material or I don't like the design, or some combination of these factors. I would like to make my own, but I lack the time and skills to do so. :/

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    All I want is to be happy with myself and who I am. I would also like my SO to baby me someday. Let me add that I've never worn a diaper before and all I've got is a paci. oh well

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    Too many things to list lol. Some little clothing, more bottles and pacis and of course some diapers and trainers. eventually would love to have a crib, stroller etc but that will be a ways off

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