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Thread: Is infantilism a mental illness?(Please take no Offense)

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    I, personally, do not label it a disorder. I look at it as a desire or a fetish. Mental disorders are usually impairing. Infantilism isn't impairing, unless of course it's taken over your life and you're obsessive about it and can't fulfill your daily responsibilities. If that was the case, I'd call it a disorder. But if it's just a desire you feel and you like to pretend you're a baby or wear diapers or be babied by your wife, SO WHAT?

    However, I've read on multiple internet articles that it is labled as a "sexual disorder" (this is, of course, for those of us who are sexually aroused by the thought of being a baby). Infantilism is also mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. So I think most would probably call infantilism a mental disorder. I really think they misunderstand it a lot too, though, so I wouldn't pay attention to what they say about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilbabymikey
    It's not my fault is it?
    No, it's not your fault. Did you wake up one morning and say to yourself, "I'm going to be an infantilist for the rest of my life! ^_^"

    I highly doubt it.

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    I think many are missing the point here. This is something different for each person, and so you can't just make a blanket statement that it is or is not an illness/disorder.

    You have to take it case by case.. and in some cases it is, some cases it's not.

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    Sounds like you are going thourh the negative part of the Binge/purge cycle... when I used to go through that I could get similar thoughts but never that it was a mental illness, thats just silly if you look at people with real mental illness'es

    besides there are far worse things in this world than infantilism! like hard core bdsm I think that is far worse since people each other etc. in infantilism there isnt much pain maybe an occasional spanking or two for some but its not like blood dripping or something eler horrible.

    though I have been thinking if I might have some sort of add or something like that lately because of many different reasons

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    But that is what democracy is... social influence... People vote for the DSM contents without noticing... It's a more perfect democracy... Because everyone in the public votes, no one in the public escapes voting...

    The truth is that the only one who can change your mentality is you... If you choose to be weak minded you are more succeptable to external influence... But it's still your choice whether you're 'cured' or not...
    With alcoholism the problem is that the person doesn't care enough to stop drinking... you can bitch all you want that it's hard... but only you can get through it... psychological help just gives you someone who will lecture you for not doing it...

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    The DSM-IV place infantilism in two possible categories. I paraphrase them below.

    Paraphelia: An attraction to an object or objects which results in feelings of arousal when confronted with the objects, often under a certain context.

    Regressive: A triggered response whereby the person mentally regresses to a younger age, typically when confronted with a stimulus (stress being fairly common).

    There is a point whereby either of these "issues" (I use the term lightly) becomes an illness - it has mainly to do with how often either occurs.

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    I really don't think it is a mental illness.
    For mental illness I mean something that turn you crazy, and I don't think diapers turn me crazy.

    The fact is that people from outside want to draw it as an illness because is linked to something sexual; same thing happens to gays (many people still consider it an Illness, in year 2008) and any other strange fetish.
    This because sex is still considered a taboo.

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