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Thread: DPF, rest in peace...

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    I was wondering what would happen to the site when it expired. RIP

    I first joined DPF back in 1982 under BBB(bouncing baby boy)and was a member till it started falling apart.

    if it had been sold then i think it would have survived but sadly.

    Some where i have many years of DPF news letters lock away in a secure box.

    ANonymous NED

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    Quote Originally Posted by silent deadly alchemist View Post

    What an amazing oxymoron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlecandlestick View Post
    i remember that one... i liked that a lot.

    i was never a member, but it was one of the few sites that did get me into ABDL. i have nothing against it, but nothing i actually miss about it... RIP.

    now i'm just waiting for deeker to go down too... heh.
    That'll happen when Chris Hanson finds him.

    And it's sad that now it's a diaper porn site.

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    So many of the sites and places that harbored me in my youth seem to be going away, Goodnight Geocities, sleep well DPF.
    I think in honor we should burn deeker's site to the ground.

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    put bluntly
    i came in after it had "died", i.e was not functioning properly
    so no real loss for me

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    The demise was a long time coming. There are parts of DPF pages that are still active, due to parts still in domain hands of Markie and Tommy till March of 2011. Baby Talk is still active as is Baby Club - BabyClub Login and the famed Roster pages are still active - Untitled Document.

    Much like Angela and a few others, my beginning with DPF spanned back to 1980 (40 yrs ago this year) I received one of the first newsletters ever publish. Tommy would type it all up - most likely using one of the first personal Computers - PC's. There wasn't a lot of contribution in the beginning so Tommy didn't see a need to publish it monthly. After typing it up he would take the newsletter and copy it off where he worked at a bank until 1986, then he had to find another way of complying the newsletter.

    I don't even know if the bank he worked for knew what he was publishing back then or not.

    To me, DPF was a God send for someone like me and anyone else floundering with what is this fascination with diapers? I thought I was alone in it. Back then it was referred to as Diaper Pail Fraternity. as it was started as a group for gay men with a few straight men finding out about it, began joining and participating. Then mommys/wifes and adult baby girls began to join within the first 10 yrs. Then it went from being a "Fraternity" to Diaper Pail Friends

    Lots of transitions took place during those 40 years, from basically correspondance with others to the sharing of stories and the selling of AB clothing and the attempt to make the first AB/DL disposable diaper; to eventually producing videos/ tapes in a series of hypnotic tapes for those interested and finally transitioning to the internet. Tommy didn't have the knowledge to be a webmaster so relied on one of it's members to come through who offered to set it up and be the webmaster for Tommy.

    Within the last 10/15 yrs Tommy helped to develop regional directors and the advent of munches and special events. I was one of the regional directors. My name appeared quite often in the last few years of publishing the newsletter DPF.

    I'd really like to see some sort of history developed, not necessarily regarding DPF but rather how the coming out of the closet of AB/DL's in general. DPF was probably the center of helping that happen - good and bad came of it. At one point the estimation was DPF had impacted approximately 5000 AB/DL or more. Even those who happened to come across it felt it's far reaching ability to affect them on the internet.

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    i always wanted to try one of their audio stores of hypnosis files, but they were too expensive. now gone forever. sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I was never a member, but I enjoyed clicking through the links and such. One of the most entertaining diaper stories I've ever read was on that site. It was about a boy who couldn't measure up to his older, football star brother, so he embedded a regression message into the brother's favorite computer game. It was lots of fun.
    I remember that story, at the end the younger brother started to play the game he had put the message in.

    Like a lot of others, DPF was the first place I found out others liked diapers as well. Way back before it got on line I subscribed to the newsletter.

    It was fun on the website for a while, then it just devolved into a spam war and I left the whole internet community for many years, before I found this place.

    RIP DPF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iastatedl View Post
    i always wanted to try one of their audio stores of hypnosis files, but they were too expensive. now gone forever. sigh.
    You can usually find them on torrents now, I believe. If they were the same ones that I think they are, they have a deep voiced fellow (akin to Col. Sanders minus the southern drawl; your stereotypical creepy, overly nice uncle) voicing the hypnosis. I never found them appealing, but a banana might.

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    Did anyone ever read the stories or novelettes from DPF? Were they any good?

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