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Thread: celebrities that wet or wear diapers

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    I remember a few eons ago on ADISC there was a huge deal about Amy Winehouse photographed (supposedly) wearing a diaper.

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    May it please the Jury of ADISC Members?

    During his lifetime, from before I was born when he was not exactly a star on the TV series BONANZA the actor/writer/director/producer Michael Landon was a brave out-spoken advocate for humane treatment of incontinent people. He always admitted having significant wetting problems at least through high school.

    Alicia Silverstone had just finished a movie when she was interviewed by and photographed for Rolling Stone in 1985. I mean, she made the cover of Rolling Stone! Her costume was all pink, including her top hat. Today some call her shorts a romper, but in those days a lot of young women wore them. Once photo scanners became common people altered the cover photo to make it appear Alicia was wearing either a diaper or white plastic panties. What is unkind is that even then and continuing to the present time Alicia and her good friend Christina Ricci donate their time and cash in support of child advocacy and parent education charities.

    When the Olson twins were cast on FULL HOUSE they were little kids. There is no evidence they were not toilet trained. So were the older kids in the cast. One "secret" that has been leaked for years is that the cost per minute of production time even back then is over US$1,000. Do the math and calculate the cost should anyone need to stop filming for an unscheduled toilet break? Remember, under labor law and SAG union rules, performers under 18 may only be on set a certain number of hours a day. Sure the Olsons were twins, but the other minors in the case were not.

    Going back to silent movies it is common Hollywood practice to diaper younger performers. By the time of FULL HOUSE disposables were slim and discreet. The fact a whole lot of performers have worn diapers while on set does not mean they were not toilet trained or that they are ABDL.

    My husband Don was a child actor in New York City network radio starting in 1936 when he was 4 and had been toilet trained 2 years. Radio was live, so he was asked to wear cloth diapers and rubber pants under his clothing. Don says he did wet a few times.

    Missy, my youngest sister, is a union costume designer who won awards for a series which ran many seasons. One of the lead actresses was only 14 and playing 16 during filming the pilot. She came to Missy privately and said her bladder was small, so could Missy disguise some sort of diaper in her costumes. Eventually that young woman wore a lot of bikinis on the series, but the rest of the time she had at least a slip-in pad just in case.

    Okay, in 2005 there was a feature direct to DVD called BAD GIRLS FROM VALLEY HIGH starring Julie Benz as the lead mean girl "Daniel" who is supposed to be almost 18. Julie has been a regular or recurring player in series from Hi Honey, I'm Home to Buffy and Angel.

    In this movie her character starts wetting badly during the day before her 18th birthday party. There is a scene of her buying adult diapers with a classmate as checker. She is shown wearing a light green adult diapers not put on correctly. There is a lot of discussion about wetting. Maybe NetFlix has it. It is very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I have heard rumors about Angelina Jolie being an AB. I also heard rumors about the Olsen twins wearing diapers at a late age on the set of Full House and they weren't potty trained.
    In this clip you can kind of make out a diaper.

    YouTube - Full House

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    ..... Who cares? I've got better things to worry about than if some celebrity I don't care about is *rumoured* to be an AB or DL.
    I don't think anyone is "worried" about anything. Nothing wrong with being curious about if any prominent people are into the diaper thing.

    I know a well known politician that participates, but I'm not about to name names.

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    I've heard a few rumors about a few child actors that're still in diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FullMetal View Post
    Oh, how I remember the time when Sean Bean was on this forum as well. It was not that long ago, but on TBDL not ADISC. I remember reading the thread and then remember me posting that I wouldn't mind changing him. Interviewed him here:

    He said he didn't like pampers which I remember some members hating on that (I thought that was so funny.) But yes, he seems to be a DL, and a very good looking one at that...

    The link is here if anyone wants to read it from the site, but I posted all that was said. A reliable source too.

    On the subject of diapers and celebs, no. I am not sure it would be the best press to come out with that, but even if- if they were a huge star, people would know. Reporters are so invested in celebrates lives that it would probably come out sooner or later.

    yup this was definitely it its good to see that people in the public aren't exactly shunning him for being abdl and successful in life as an actor

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    I never heard before that Donny Osmond was a bedwetter. How do you know?

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    Earlier today when I shared about Julie Benz being shown wearing a diaper in "BED GIRLS FROM VALLEY HIGH" I forgot to add this information:

    My best friend, other than my sister Missy, is Peggy, currently about 39. Her father used to be a very famous movie producer. Her mother was the trophy much younger wife, a former actress. Even before the divorce Peggy's mom was making a success as an agent for child performers in Hollywood. While a baby Peggy was a still photo model, so then she was still not toilet trained. Her Mom was disappointed Peggy had no twin, so she could start on TV very young. That did not happen until Peggy was 5, meanwhile having been toilet trained.

    Peggy tells me she was very surprised even for the audition her Mom expected her to wear a Pampers under her dress. She remembers her Mom telling her all the other little girls would be diapers as well. Peggy believes this because about half of them were represented by her Mom.

    From then on be it a guest star, recurring or series regular, until Peggy stopped acting at 17 her Mom always expected her to wear a diaper under her costume. The union costumer ladies acted as if this was normal. Peggy says by the time she was 12 fewer and fewer of the other gals her age always wore diapers on the set. The ones who did were represented by her Mom. Peggy was often in the room when her Mom gave a sort of pep talk to prospective child performers and their parents. The reason for diapers was always made clear.

    Virtually every TV series produced in Hollywood from 1968 to the present which included child performers had some of her mother's clients in the cast. I have talked to Peggy's Mom many times. She says she had to make friends with the Southern California Pampers factory representative in a constant search for effective yet quiet and discreet disposables.

    Minutes ago I checked with Peggy's Mom about Full House. She never represented the Olson twins, but knew their mother and agent. Always when either were diapered at the studio the diaper was covered with panties. A lot of care was taken by the costumers to be sure the diaper was disguised. So, in the YouTube clips whichever twin is shown was diapered but the diaper itself is hidden.

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    Sara Silverman has admitted to being a bedwetter as a child during interviews on Stern. She even did an episode of her show that involved bedwetting in which a girl of about 12 wets her pants on camera.

    Jenny McCarthy also admitted to a bedwetting problem on Stern back in 1997 when being interviewed for the release of her book "Jen-X" : Jen-X: Jenny McCarthy's Open Book: Jenny McCarthy, Neal Karlen: Your Store Apparently she talks about it in the book.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kraiden View Post
    ..... Who cares? I've got better things to worry about than if some celebrity I don't care about is *rumoured* to be an AB or DL.

    Is it really that important, or are people just going OMG BRITNAY SPEARS IS SO HAWT N SHE ALSO WEARS DIAPERS TOO!!! FANTASIES R CUMIN TROO!
    Wow why is everyone judging and shooting down this thread, this user is just curious if there are celebrities that wear or have worn is all he is asking. Oh and Lisa Nowak wore a diaper, yes I know she is not a celebrity but she was a famous astronaut, does that count?

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